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Healthy Eating Book!

My book, 101 Natural Healthy Eating Tips, is now available on Amazon!


You can read the corresponding blog at http://healthyeatingnaturally.wordpress.com for an idea of some of the material found in the book.

This book gives the foundation for a natural, healthy diet. It explains which nutritious foods to emphasize and which unhealthy foods to eliminate and why. It covers issues like weight loss, physical wellness, deciphering nutrition labels, understanding food allergies, eating organically, taking supplements, and selecting food with respect for the environment. It also offers food preparation tips and a number of easy, healthy recipes. The book is all about healthy eating with a natural approach, emphasizing whole, unprocessed foods... and the unbelievable benefits that result!

For those who don't know, I wrote the book last summer for LifeTips, a publishing company that puts out a series of "101 Tips" books. It's only $10, and I promise you'll learn a lot. Everyone can benefit from a healthier diet.

I would really appreciate your support in this! As my mother who's been in publishing for over 20 years says, "If your friends won't buy your book, who will?"
i'm making another post that says this because my last one has too many comments.

comment to be added.

[if i don't know you, i might not add you back... please don't take offense. i just don't want to cloud up my friends page with people that i don't know.]

this a reminder to everyone who is reading this entry and isn't a livejournal friend of mine... my livejournal is friend's only.
punkerskagurl: i duno lol call him up
punkerskagurl: hed be happy to hear from you
arushofemily: hahah i'm in florida!
arushofemily: i wouldnt pay long distance for his sorry ass hahaha
arushofemily: just kidding
punkerskagurl: oh yeahahaha
punkerskagurl: shoot iwouldnt either
punkerskagurl: haha
arushofemily:? if he was my boyfriend i'd pay like $23948903248230 to talk to him
arushofemily: but hes not! so oh well
punkerskagurl: lol
arushofemily: i think i'd scare him if i called
arushofemily: he'd be like "i thought i got rid of you" hahha
punkerskagurl: haHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no he wouldnt


i am emily and i am sleepying not really on the soft waiting for my rabid beast of a brother to get off of my computer. this is so un .emo.

ugh. .:sigh:.

-emily davidson


alright, everyone.

i'm left with no choice but to make my journal friends only. incase you're a silly goose and you don't know what you have to do to read friends only entries, i'll tell you. you have to make me a livejournal friend, and when you go to your friends page, you'll be able to see my entries (but you have to be logged in, i have to have made you a friend). if you're not logged in, or we're not both friends of each other, you wont see it. i think that's basically it. so yeah. if you want me to make you a friend or anything, just email me or comment in this entry.


alright, everyone.

i'm left with no choice but to make my journal friends only. incase you're a silly goose and you don't know what you have to do to read friends only entries, i'll tell you. you have to make me a livejournal friend, and when you go to your friends page, you'll be able to see my entries (but you have to be logged in, i have to have made you a friend). if you're not logged in, or we're not both friends of each other, you wont see it. i think that's basically it. so yeah. if you want me to make you a friend or anything, just email me or comment in this entry.

she's listening through the air shaft...

holy shit.

so, i'm on my dad's computer now, and i go on internet explorer. (note: when i'm at my dad's house, i use a different computer, not his.) so, in his internet explorer history is my livejournal. let me just point out that he swore on his life (as did my mom) that they would NEVER, EVER go to my livejournal ever again, and that was back when i had my other username. a couple weeks ago or so, i accused my mom of looking at it again and she got furious and told me her and my dad had stopped and had no interest in looking at it.

i have lost ALL trust in my father. i've always felt a little weird, like maybe he still was, but for some twisted reason, i still trusted him. i just can't fucking believe this. i fucking hate my parents sometimes. i have NO TRUST IN THEM. i wonder how that makes them feel. i don't trust my parents with anything. i'm already in the shittiest of mood and fucking parent bullshit is only making it worse. i can't fucking believe this.

i'm going to ask my dad about it tommorow, but knowing him, he'll probably lie, just because he can. he's like another fucking brother, not a parent.

i want to dissapear. i can't take this.m

father's hizzouse

so... yeah. i'm kinda tired so this entry may lack in an important details.

yesterday was full day. casey and nicole had their hair appointments at around 6, which i stuck around for. their haircuts look awesome. casey got it cut really short, and it looks great on her... i like her with short hair. nicole got a trim and it looks really nice too. nicole has big, thick hair that's like, amazing. haha. so after that, we went to the mall for a few hours and wandered. then we went back to my dad's and ordered chinese, which was fun. we were starving. they slept over, and we watched part of lord of the rings, but we were too hyper and couldn't concentrate. casey fell asleep, so me and nicole put on the sound of music. that movie rocks much more than i thought it did. we didn't finish it though, we got tired around 4 or 3:30.

today was blah. we sat around for awhile. my dad brought us taco bell though, which rocked. we couldn't decide what to do. casey and nicole both went home and i have nothing to do tonight.

i'm so pissed. school is really soon, and i'm not excited at all. i still have to fill out all this shit for my 2 summer reading books. my schedual is probably gonna be all changed on the 1st day of school, because they added another english period and all the scheduals are gonna be messed up. and i have to see my grandparents all day tommorow and thats the last thing i want to do on my last days of summer.

now i'm in a really shitty mood. blah.

all of your bad taste won't subside...

(this is the greatest song ever... it reminds me of warped tour more than anything)

my daddy is coming soon. the girls (casey and nicole) are getting their haircut and afterwards we're going to the mall, then going back to my dad's and getting chinese food and sleeping over. i'm not able to post that much at my dad's because i don't trust that he won't find out.

oh, he's here! bye!

you can't beat me, i'm a rockstar...

brown sugar oatmeal made "espeacailly for women" is quite delicious... but very filling if you don't add enough water...

fat free my ass.

i figured, everyone's having their own little vma party, that i'd have my own. i went to get some chips and salsa from downstairs to make my party, only to find a couple crushed pretzels and some wow chips. goddamn.

so i went to get some rice krispies, and when i went to get the milk, someone finished my 2% milk, so i had to use skim milk! fuck this! my vma party blows!
01. reel big fish
02. weezer
03. good charlotte
04. no use for a name
05. flogging molly
06. nofx
07. something corporate
08. coheed and cambria
09. thursday
10. simple plan
01. the first day of school, kinda
02. christmas
03. next summer
04. the next time i go to taco bell
05. the next good show
06. when the vines play at the vma's tonight
07. chris getting his car back
08. next time i go to the mall so i can get clips for my hair
09. the house being empty enough to actually play my guitar with the amp and distortion on
01. necklace and/or bracelets
02. interesting socks (usually)
03. pants or a skirt or something on my bottom half
04. studded belt
05. my braces
06. shoes or flip flops
07. bra
08. a smile =)
01. avril livigne
02. arguments
03. lonliness
04. unsatisfying hunger
05. chipped nailpolish
06. chicken at taco bell (you go to taco bell to get a taco, not some chicken or steak bullshit)
07. that stupid winterfresh commercial where at the end that guy goes "HOLLLLAAAAHHHH"
01. keyboard
02. phone
03. someone's heart. (ahaha just i had to say that)
04. casey and/or nicole's butt (usually, haha)
05. chapstick of some sort
06. tv remote
01. write in this godforsaken livejournal
02. message instantly (haha)
03. blast my tunes
04. shower
05. think
01. casey and nicole (yes, they count as one person)
02. jessica (i spent the most online time with her)
03. pauly (even though i haven't seen him in awhile)
04. chris
01. mallrats
02. matrix
03. legally blonde <3
01. "ban the tube tob" ~ reel big fish
02. "careless kim (the emerald undertow)" ~ three
01. you <3

that was fun, i want to do another...

soapy soda

i'm actually watching the vma's. i want to see the hives and the vines perform. avril livigne already played. hahaha. i don't think she sang one of her notes right. oh well.

there are all these taco bell commercials and i'm really craving a delicious taco... but i had to settle for a hot pocket. *sigh*

my summer is ending and all i ever do is sit around and eat on my last days. no shows, nothing to do. blah.


why is pantera on spongebob? this is weird.
i'm back!

about my hair...

it's short, like above/on my shoulders. it's layered and such and there's sort of bangs to the side. the bangs and front pieces are blueish/turquoise, and then there are small streaks throughout but underneath my hair so you can see it if i put my hair up or something. it's a little different then i expected, but i really like it. it took rougly 3 hours. when she was doing it, it was coming out really green (because i told her i didn't want a dark dark blue) and i was freaking out, but i told her and she added more blue. it looks really good, and my hair is one nice shade of brown (besides the blue) so all the nasty split ends are off. i like it. i might take some pictures or something.

i have nothing to do all day. i think casey and nicole are at the mall, i wonder when they'll be back. i left them both messages. i hope they get them.
eeeeeee. i'm only up this early because my hair appointment is at 12. "why don't you do it yourself?" you ask? because i honestly don't trust myself with bleach and dye... if i was doing my whole head, then i'd probably do it myself because that's easy. but doing something specific... i don't know.

i'm so bored. we're leaving at 11:15 because my mom and i are gonna get breakfast/lunch quickly and the place is 20 minutes away.

my cat plays this new game she made up last night. she scratches at my door a really lot, until i open it. then when i do she either comes into my room or looks at me and goes away. haha. that's not really a game but oh well. she slept in my room last night which was nice. she doesn't usually because my door's always closed.

ow, i'm suddenly getting a bad headache. owwww.... i barely ever get headaches.

the cutest thing happened this morning. there were 2 *baby* deer just sitting in our backyard in the rain. they were just sitting there, doing nothing, getting all wet. silly babies.

11:11...make a wish! ******....

lala. 11:12. 3 more minutes to kill.

so school was like a week from yesterday or some shit. crazy.

woa, i just spaced out and thought about last night's undressed episode, and now it's time. hoorah!
i like this song a lot.

and now i know it on guitar.

fun fun fun. this has been a guitariffic night.

i am walking out in the rain...

i'm proud of myself because i just learned both hands by ani on guitar. it's actually not hard at all but i'm still glad i can play it. i'd learn more of her songs but i just don't have the patience for tuning and luckily both hands was in standard tuning. yeah. i'm so very bored, can't you tell?

it was love at first sight.

this is a funny video.

this quiz made me crave cookies, so now i've got a big plate of them and a glass of milk. mmmmmm.


Take the What Cookie Are You? test by Ley

all the boys say...

tommorow is the big day.

next time everyone sees me, my hair will be *transformed*... haha not really. it's nothing that exciting. i'm just cutting it short and getting blue tips (if you don't know already). i hope it looks good. it's not my number one choice, but everyone is doing everything so blah.

i wish we had more peanut butter yummy things.

i wish jessica was online; i'm lonely.


this song sizzles my mind

this dashboard confessional song gives me a headache... and the video pisses me off. uhhg.

i'm sorta hungry, i might make some ramen soon.

i was up late last night, until about 6 or so.

nicole woke me up at about 11:30 when she called. we tried to plan our smoothie thing for today, but i was so confused and tired and delirious i barely remember anything. eventually i ended up going to nicole's around 4. casey and gary were there as well, but she said her parents would be coming home tonight and only one person could sleepover, so i went home around 6:15.

i fell asleep watching tv, but i had a nice visit from pauly and lizzy and chris. chris got into a bad car accident and fucked up the whole front of his car and had to get it towed. he's okay, thankfully.

sometimes i just lose it.

peanut butter is making me hyper

Nostalgiphile (2:39:49 AM): if you could be any inanimate object, what would you be?
a rush of emily (2:40:28 AM): a cup
a rush of emily (2:40:37 AM): because people depend on me for beverage refreshment
Nostalgiphile (2:40:40 AM): haha
Nostalgiphile (2:41:01 AM): i thought you meant an "athletic supporter"
a rush of emily (2:41:14 AM): oh ahhhah
Nostalgiphile (2:41:32 AM): and im like yep... thats ol' penis obsessed emily

say you love me, love me again!

i always told my mom about these "peanut butter stix" you can get... they're like peanut butter in a tube. she thought it sounded disgusting and that she'd never buy them because they have no nutritional value. i went downstairs and was going through the cabinets and i found TWO peanut butter stick things!! I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY! they're so delicious!!!


gary's best impression of avril livigne.

Frank N Beans7 (10:22:14 PM): hey everyone i have a new song!!! Sk8ter Boi
Frank N Beans7 (10:22:17 PM): i'm cool!!


"you mean musslebob buffpants?"

spongebob is an awesome show.

i'm so bored. and alone. and lonely. i wish we had donuts. i'm such a pig, but i don't care. i want something sweet, but we don't have anything. grrrrr.

everyone's out having fun and i'm at home writing in my livejournal.

i hate new rugrats episodes with kimi and dill and shit.

i'm eating delicous ramen. i'm so bored. i have nothing to do all day/night. nicole invited me to the nanuet mall with her but i think she nixed those plans.

la la la.
i had such an odd dream last night. it was *another* one about high school. i think this summer i've had atleast 15, all different. this one high school really sucked and it was exactly like middle school. i also had that thing when you lose all control of your body... like i was trying to write something down in class and i couldn't. i hate that.

i also had a dream that i went to casey's house or something early in the morning on a school day. their front door was open and there was a squirell in her house. (i might've dreampt that because casey said it actually happened once.) i was really scared it was going to attack me, because it wouldn't move away from me. i didn't think casey was home, so i went up to casey's mom's room. she was asleep, and she was tossing and turning and talking in her sleep. i woke her up to tell her there was a squirell in her house, and she said to get a broom and try to get it out. when i went down there, casey was there. i said, "casey, why aren't you at school?" and she's like "i'm getting my guitar today, so my mom said i could miss school." (which is completely random because casey has no desire to get a guitar in real life.) i didn't get the squirell out of the house, but i got out of the house myself, and casey and her mom didn't seem to care. then i thought it was still early in the morning so i could go to school, but it was 2:56 or something, and i had missed the whole day. i had to drive my mom's car (i have so many dreams about driving and like, crashing and not knowing how) and i tried to call her, but it was all confusing. finally, casey's mom get up and said she'd drive us. but suddenly, casey's friend mary was there, too, and casey's mom just let mary drive the car. mary was driving it up the side of the road and practicly crashing it. then i woke up.

crazy. oh man! i had another dream, too... i just remembered it, but it's really faint.

we (me, casey, nicole and a.k. i think?) were sitting in a room, and then joey and billy from three came in. we sorta talked to them, and joey couldn't hear something casey said so he went to put his ear near casey's mouth, but he rubbed his cheek against her lips, and casey looked at me with this "oh my god" look. haha. then billy and joey went and made displays for new three merchandise, and we got in a line and walked around looking at it. there were like, coloring books and stuff. but the last exbit turned into a huge science project, and then it became my first dream (the one about school).

so complicated.

::sings trumpet solo::


jessica and casey both went to sleep and nicole is playing fucking online poker or some shit!! I'M SO BOERED AND I'M HAVING AN ADD ATTACK

im eating rice krissspiesss and pink lemonade kool aid

so delicious

i'm going ggggogoggoing to watch my rugrats tape. RUGRATS<3<#,#,3#<333333<#33

don't go away again...

emerald undertow: god, people go to parties like that, get drunk, slipped ruffies, have wild sex and regret it later on while the parents are gone, and while nicole's parents are gone, we have an innocent smoothie fest. wow...we're gonna be famous straight edge, sucessful rockstars while they're all inpregnated whores

kill me, i'm so fucking bored.

me and casey are the lamest/awesomest three fans ever. we both made alternate screen names with three lyrics. mine's "a pulse remains" and casey's is "emerald undertow." she's so lucky, her's is much better than mine.

marilyn manson scares me. i don't really mind watching his videos on mute though. it looks like he's singing my reel big fish song. haha.

undressed is such an awesome show. me and casey and nicole were all just watching it before. well actually casey's mom was watching tv so she couldn't. haha. i looooove when the gay guys are making out in the hot tub. hahaha.

i'm so bored. jessica was on before, then she said she had to go but she'd be back. she came back but i was playing guitar and i was going to IM her and she signed off like 5 minutes later or something. i'm lonely =( nicole is randomly on bingo.com and casey's making he buddy list for her new sn.

watching videos on mute with music on is oh so amusing. i'm so lame.

school is soon. i'm so anxious to dye my hair and shit. i hope it turns out good.


(too lazy to insert song lyrics)

Coheed And Cambria pull off tour...But did NOT break up

Unfortunately Coheed and Cambria dropped off their current tour with Juliana Theory a week early. The band had been on the road since February in support of their debut release, "The Second Stage Turbine Blade". Complete exhaustion and tension within the band led to the decision to return to the east coast. Reports of the band breaking up are completely UNTRUE. Coheed and Cambria will resume their touring schedule in September with dates on the Plea for Peace tour and more US dates in October. Please stay tuned for details.

taken from: http://www.equalvision.com/evr/

yaaaaaay. <3
i haven't updated in a while.

casey, nicole, a.k., luke and i went over to luke's house. he has the most scrumptious bundle o' love kittens. he has the mom (chica), her 4 babies who are a couple of weeks old, and then a random boy (choom) who's full grown, but isn't the daddy of the kittens. chica (the mom) got knocked up by some stray cat. the kittens are soooo adorable. there's a striped one, which we call "stripey", but casey calls him "rick rebel" because he's a rebel and really outgoing, and she thinks "rick" is a name for a rebel. theres one thats dark gray, and nicole calls it "nick" (which is her nickname) because it likes nicole. theres a light gray one with very faint stripes that casey liked, and she called it "ralphie." it would always "sing" (whine and meow) a lot. there was one kitty left, which was also light gray but had pretty noticeable stripes. i called it "Big M." m for emily, and the big because it made it sound like a rapper. big m was the shit. casey called it "ralphie imposter" because it looks like ralphie. wow, that's enough about the cats. we went and sat in a gas station parking lot in town and got drinks and stuff. luke's mom barbequed for us and it was awesome. we slept over at nicole's that night and since her parents are away, we slept in their bed! ahaha. i got sleepy kinda early.

casey had to wake up early for babysitting. my mom brought her there, and me and nicole mostly slept. eventually casey came back, and we hung out for awhile. we watched 10 things i hate about you which is an okay movie. nicole left to get a physical for soccer and we dropped casey off at home. eventually casey and i ended up going to the mall for a short time. i had a most delicious subway and sandwhich and we saw jay from zumiez and that was pretty much it.

now my mom has the whole fucking PTA in our living room so i can't go downstairs, and i want food. they make our house smell like middle-aged women.

i know what nobody knows..

today was random. i'm not sure if it's in a good or bad way.

i got to sleep late... my mom didn't wake me up. that made me really happy. i slept 'til 1:30... a healthy 11 and half hours of sleep. tasty. i wanted to do something with nicole and casey, most likely the mall or hang out at nicole's (her parents went away today). nicole was out, and i wasn't sure where because she wasn't online with an away message or anything. i called casey and she said nicole might be home later and she was gonna call or something. we waited for awhile. at about 6:30pm, nicole called. she had soccer and went to dana's afterwards. casey and i wanted to go to the mall, and nicole was too poor and plus, she was at dana's. we were gonna sleepover at nicole's afterwards, but it was kinda too complicated and last minute. it just made no sense to me for nicole to have to leave dana's house and us to leave the mall to start a sleepover at like 11pm. i'd rather do it a night we had allllll night and didn't have prior plans.

the mall was 'eh. i don't really wanna get into details. saw the jay that works at zumiez. i don't know what to make of that. we got home around 10 or 11, i don't really remember, and casey's here now.

jessica is so funny:

PuNkY9969 (2:04:27 AM): one time i was trying to get a gumball from a machine and i was hit on by this haitian man...he wouldn't leave me alone!


casey quote of the night: "he's like #1 pedophile, escape from the zoo one week ago, on the loose, never found."

uhg. sleep soon or something. i feel so... iNdEscRiBaBLe... =\

i'm not your friend, you don't know me...

i was fooling around in adobe photoshop and since all i had was a picture of three i made this picture of joey. call me a loser if you wish, because i know i am. =)

you gotta admit it looks pretty cool.

casey's jokes

casey: oh i know a dirty joke.
me: ok.
casey: this guy says to his daughter, "lets make some pizza." then they start to fuck.
me: why?? that makes no sense!
casey: i don't know! i don't get the joke i just know the punchline!
me: haha ok...
casey: so wait! oh no, a guy and his daughter are walking down the street. and these two dogs are fucking, and the little girl says to her dad, "what are they doing?" and the dad says "they're making pizza." so then they go home and he's like... "daughter o' mine..." oh wait, thats wrong. so the little girl says "daddy lets make pizza" and so then they fuck. and then she says "daddy your getting your cheese on my leg!" ahahahhahah!


casey: okay i have another one.
me: ok.
casey: so a girl has to babysit this kid and she invites her boyfriend over to the kid's house. there's a bunkbed, and they put the kid on the bottom and the girl and the guy are on the top. they start to fuck and the guy says: if you want me to go faster say 'tomato.' if you want me to say... oops, i mean, if you want me... um... if you want me to go slower, say "lettus." so they're fucking and the kid hears "lettus! tomato! lettus! tomato!" and then he says "what are you guys doing?" and the guy says, "uh... making sandwhiches." and the kid says "well you're getting mayonaise in my eye!" AHAHAHAHA! GET IT???
me: hahaha yeah.
casey: EW. i never want to have sex. it's so disgusting! i'd rather DIE than have SEX!!

i major in love but in no minor key.

so my stepdad left early this morning for 2 weeks. he's going to japan and china. things will be much easier without him around... i mean i can actually play my guitar with the amp on, people can sleep over and be as loud as we want.. it's pretty strict with him around. but i'll kinda miss him. i mean i felt bad because i didn't say goodbye or anything really. i hope he has a nice time, i'm sure he will. he's missing his and my mom's 1 year wedding anniversary which is august 31st. i have a feeling he's gonna get her some exotic thing from china or japan. most likely.

i want nicole to come home from wherever the fuck she is so me and her and casey can chill. i'm bored as shit.
Nostalgiphile (2:16:54 AM): whats the best part about sex with emily
a rush of emily (2:17:22 AM): everything
Nostalgiphile (2:17:23 AM): ...nothing!

i'm blowing out the flame...

this song brings back memories of like, 5th grade.

i'm in a kinda crappy mood. but not fully crappy. just kinda.

i should probably go to sleep soon. my mom has this new thing where she tortures me awake at like, noon.

i'm getting my hair done next thursday at 1pm. i'm cutting it like it was in february, then dying my bangs blue (hopefully a lighter blue than last time) and then dying the rest of my tips. blue wasn't my first color choice, but a whole bunch of other people are doing maroon and i wanted something different.


i kick ass!

well not really. but by some miracle, i just read my 300 page summer reading book in it's entirety today. i started at like 1:30, ate while i was reading lunch, and i just finished. damn. i'm so proud of myself. and i thought i had ADD. haha.

it's so hot. my brain is completely fried from reading for 4 and a half hours.


emily = lame.

i'm the only one up at this hour. i'm not tired, but my mom might pull some shit tommorow and wake me up at nine, so i should go to sleep.

fuck, i just remembered i'm suppose to be reading this 300 page bullshit book that i have to finish in like a week and i'm 18 pages into it. oh fuck it. i'd rather sleep.
current hate: prissy whores.

oh man, what i'd give to see the pretty boys of three again...joey & billy <3

don't close your eyes..

i just got back from nicole's. she basically made me to watched lord of the rings, or as i called it, lord of the scary. i really wanted to watch legally blond, or josie and the pussycats, but nicole refused. lord of the rings was okay, but i had to leave before it finished.

i'm bored.
i went shopping early this morning. it was okay.

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!

What Obscure Animal are you?

my ears hurt.. a lot


need sleep needddd neeed sleep

lay down the mother fucking law EEEEEEEEE

what an absolutely fantabular wacktacular amazetatsic night!

casey and i got into town around 8. we waited for nicole, but by 8:30, she still wasn't there. we were afriad three was going on early, so we went down to the nyack center. as we were paying, nicole appeared! woo. so we wasted time, ate, roamed, and soon it was time for three to go on. it was just joey and billy. joey decided he wanted to play in the audience (which consisted of about 6 people) so he did. billy stayed on the stage. they were fantastic. it was like being sung to, because there were so few people there. they played *careless kim* and casey was having a spasm because she loves that song so much. it was so great! man, joey is so fucking hot. he was wearing that french hat thing that makes him look gorgeous. (nicole doesn't think he's hot... she needs a good smacking!) afterwards, we wanted to find joey and/or billy to buy the new cd (they said online that they'd be selling it). we went towards the back room only to see them standing next to the water fountain. little confident me (heh...) goes up to them and says hi and introduces myself as emily. billy said "ohh your the one who i get the emails from!" joey shook my hand (mmmm...) and we talked for a bit. joey said the cd wont be ready yet because the artwork wasn't finished. then casey, nicole and i advanced to the back room. we sat on the couch and observed joey and billy out in the hallway. nicole was randomly walking in and out of the bathroom out of boredum. joey and billy dissapeared, but we knew they'd be back... billy's guitar was in the room we were. there was a random set of keys, and casey and nicole assumed it was joey's. there was a little toy microphone key chain where you can record stuff. casey went over to it and pressed play and it said "...i'm on the corner"... pretty random. nicole tried to talk her into recording over it and saying "hi joey! this is casey your biggest fan!" or something. haha. casey and nicole like, danced on the tables and stuff... and then... drum roll please...

in walk joey and billy with some styrofoam tray things. they open it up to reveal twin meals of sandwhiches and french fries. they sit down, and we move over to the table and talk to them. we talked about numerous things. they told us about this guy who's not really a close friend with them, but he goes to all of their shows and brings them food and stuff. billy was purposely dropped a frie on the floor and ate it. he let us have some, and damn were they good. joey would talk about something and he'd look at you with these "i'm so beautiful and i know you want me" eyes. man, his eyes are so pretty. he was making fun of his pickle which was a freakish shape. he didn't even touch his sandwhich though. he's like "i'll save it... i'm saving it for marriage." hahaha. billy asked how old we are, and i said they (casey and nicole) were 14 and i was 13 and he was like, "you're 13?? joey, she's only 13!" mmmm... attention. hahaha. i was wearing my three necklace and billy was quite amused. he was like "did you make it yourself??" haha ofcourse. then he showed joey and joey liked it too. joey and billy are two really fun nice guys and everyone says their mean. i'm not taking anyone's word anymore or judging them by some bullshit stories--they're perfectly nice guys who are a lot of fun and don't mind sitting and eating lunch (as they called it, even though it was 11pm) with a bunch of little girly fans.

now i can't even listen to three without seeing joey's purty little brown eyes. awww. nicoli-butt had to leave early, so casey and i went to the gas station i got some XANADU (sad-ass gas station brand) brand gummy worms and bears. i ate the gummy worms and said "i'll save the gummy bears for later tonight" but i'm so anxious and hyper that i devoured them. oh well.

i'm in such a delightful mood. what a spectacular night!


gay ass

Your Ass is Gay!

I'm so happy to say.
That your ass is gay.
So come on over,
And I'll stick it today.

What Ass Do *You* Have??

all the other bands are just shit.

its hot. i don't know why we dont have our a/c on. grrr.

i was up moderetly late last night and my mom woke me up at like fucking 11 or something this morning. she's like "you got your 12 hours of sleep, wake up." no. i got like 6. damn her. i had bad dreams too. sadface.

on a better note, casey's not leaving yet so she can come to the <3<3 THREE <3<3 show. mmmm i am so excited to see joey's sweet ass. hahah just kidding. i'm so excited to see them play. i think it might be acoustic... i'm not sure. doesn't matter that much, i think its just joey and billy when it's acoustic. doesn't matter to me. i think i'm gonna take pictures, but i don't know.

i'm sorta hungry. i'm going out soon to get a poetry book or something.


thats me tapping to the beat of the song on the keyboard. yay

seems like eternity...

i hate butterflies. (the kind in your stomach...i love the other kind.)

or am i just in this for the fun?

today was a nice day. it was out *last* day at community service and our boss was all mushy and "i'll miss you guys!" and hugged us and stuff. it was funny. casey and i went to the garden state plaza and found nothing except... the vans shoes we looked everywhere for! they were released and then taken back because they could be released until september 12th or something. they're the "west end"... they use to have them at zumiez, but zumiez supposedly had to send them back to the vans place. we looked everywhere, adn the website wasnt releasing them until september 12th or something. but then, by some miracle, they were at the vans store in paramus. yay. here are my shoes:

casey got a better color than me i think, but those are mine.

when i got home, i was showered in journal icons and pretty pictures that jessica made in adobe photoshop. they were so awesome. i wuv jessica. she made one of casey and casey loved it so much she made it her icon. awwww. i would show them all here, but some are kind of "personal." haha. ;)

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