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father's hizzouse

so... yeah. i'm kinda tired so this entry may lack in an important details.

yesterday was full day. casey and nicole had their hair appointments at around 6, which i stuck around for. their haircuts look awesome. casey got it cut really short, and it looks great on her... i like her with short hair. nicole got a trim and it looks really nice too. nicole has big, thick hair that's like, amazing. haha. so after that, we went to the mall for a few hours and wandered. then we went back to my dad's and ordered chinese, which was fun. we were starving. they slept over, and we watched part of lord of the rings, but we were too hyper and couldn't concentrate. casey fell asleep, so me and nicole put on the sound of music. that movie rocks much more than i thought it did. we didn't finish it though, we got tired around 4 or 3:30.

today was blah. we sat around for awhile. my dad brought us taco bell though, which rocked. we couldn't decide what to do. casey and nicole both went home and i have nothing to do tonight.

i'm so pissed. school is really soon, and i'm not excited at all. i still have to fill out all this shit for my 2 summer reading books. my schedual is probably gonna be all changed on the 1st day of school, because they added another english period and all the scheduals are gonna be messed up. and i have to see my grandparents all day tommorow and thats the last thing i want to do on my last days of summer.

now i'm in a really shitty mood. blah.

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