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she's listening through the air shaft...

holy shit.

so, i'm on my dad's computer now, and i go on internet explorer. (note: when i'm at my dad's house, i use a different computer, not his.) so, in his internet explorer history is my livejournal. let me just point out that he swore on his life (as did my mom) that they would NEVER, EVER go to my livejournal ever again, and that was back when i had my other username. a couple weeks ago or so, i accused my mom of looking at it again and she got furious and told me her and my dad had stopped and had no interest in looking at it.

i have lost ALL trust in my father. i've always felt a little weird, like maybe he still was, but for some twisted reason, i still trusted him. i just can't fucking believe this. i fucking hate my parents sometimes. i have NO TRUST IN THEM. i wonder how that makes them feel. i don't trust my parents with anything. i'm already in the shittiest of mood and fucking parent bullshit is only making it worse. i can't fucking believe this.

i'm going to ask my dad about it tommorow, but knowing him, he'll probably lie, just because he can. he's like another fucking brother, not a parent.

i want to dissapear. i can't take this.m

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