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oh no, i'm whipping out the rugrats mother's day specail tape again...

i'm so lame.

one thing that i try to hold on to.

michelle branch is hot

why can't i just feel love?

i was in my pajamas today until around 3. my mom and i went to costco to get a plain backpack (i'm gonna decorate it like a mofo) and she got this book called "the lovely bones" or something. it's really long but it's really interesting. i started reading it in costco. it's about a girl who's murdered and tells her story from heaven and she misses her family and shit. it's really good because she's telling the story of her death from heaven and stuff, but the murderer like chops her up and she gives all the details and thats kind of disturbing. i'll probably read it when my mom's done with it. i've already two books for school, but i have to read a book off the required list, so i'll probably just read a poetry book. nice, easy and enjoyable. then we went to paramus park just to go to this hair place. all their good colored dyes were semi permadent and i needed permadent. we bought this hair thing that's the color i want and we'll bring it to the chick doing my hair and she'll probably have some dye that color.

i'm so excited for high school. i want to do so much writing... i really love to write. i might even join the school newspaper and shit. (hey, don't laugh, it looks good for college.)

jessica made this awesome journal icon for me. <3 me and her kept making more and more for each other and sending them back and forth. haha, it was awesome.
reel big fish's new album is orgasmic... buy it.

why aren't there any shows? the next show is the three show at the nyack center, but i haven't heard anything about that really.

tommorow i'm going to new jersey with casey to go to paramus park and garden state plaza i think... that should be fun. i'm so anxious to get my hair dyed. eeee. i think i'm getting blue tips. did i say that already? i don't know.

i got to listen to my 'baby mozart' cd in its entirety last night. i love it so much. i was gonna go to sleep to it, but i stayed up until really late watching my rugrats mother's day specail tape, and by the end i was so exhausted i wanted to go to sleep in complete silence. oh well. i'll try tonight.

i have to fucking work tommorow. i so don't want to. the library is like a torture chamber.

i have to dressed. i think i'm going out soon.


My Romance Meter
Optimist 95%
5% Cynic
Close 95%
5% Distant
Long Term 95%
5% Brief
What does my romance meter read?
well there’s not much i can do,
'cause i’m at the mercy of you.
casey and i went to nicole's today. man it's hot. but we had fun listening to spice girls and singing along. i'm baby spice. she's the best one! casey's scary spice (because she's ghetto like that) and nicole's ginger. we still had posh (who sucks) and sporty left over, so casey and nicole randomly decided that jayson will be sporty and so then we made blake posh. it doesn't matter, because posh never sings alone. haha. wannabe is the best song. spice up your life is also the shit. then we whipped out some old school backstreet boys and i got to be nick! i always get the young, innocent blond ones. haha yes. so then casey and i each went home. we were gonna sleepover at my house, but nicole has soccer tommorow. sadface.

a rush of emily:
i figured something out.
ImWorthFiveCents: what?
a rush of emily: q-tipping your ear is kinda like sex. i mean, if you go far enough, it hurts sorta but i feels so good... then your a little sore after. but it was worth it!
ImWorthFiveCents: no... you go too far it gets stuck and you either go deaf or have some damage ...it can break ur ear drum or just cause serious damage. it could seriously hurt you...
a rush of emily: oh... =\


i'm hungry and there's so much delicious food downstairs. yay!
i went to the mall with casey tonight. it was quite delightful, and it was too bad nicole couldn't come, but she's busy as a bitch this whole summer.

we went into zumiez and this employee dude with a mahawk, Jay, was there. casey and i have been going to zumiez every day for like, 3 days straight, and he sorta recognizes us and we talked to him for awhile. he's hella tight! he kinda looks like aaron from reel big fish. or maybe i'm dumb. but we went into zumiez numerous times just to roam and stuff. montana was there and he said hi to me and recognized me from the back room of the backdoor and told me to be at the next paragraph show. haha. that's funny. montana kinda intimidates me. all the employees in zumiez were talking to us and wondering why were *still* in the store for like, 8 hours. it was cool though, they were all nice. finally, i decided to buy something... a 50 cent sticker! wooo! i don't feel so guilty that way. jay asked us to come back again, but i felt so dumb, and i think the other employees were getting pissed. haha oh well. we'll be back some other time. casey and i also went to target and grooved to the tunes on that thing where you press the buttons. the best was "go-go party"... it was all 60's-ish. hoorah. oh yeah, we also went to cvs and this random employee named "tristan" was being funny or something. and then he said "come back or something, you guys are cool." haha. we did, but he wasn't there. awww. what a big loss. i also got these *banana hand wipes* at bath and body works. they're the shit. we visited lisa in the candy store and i saw chris a few times. we then did our regular trip to barnes and noble. casey read some of "hard love" which i reccomended to her. i read some stupid kids books and stuff, then some american girl magazine. hardcore! that magazine rocks! then we met my dad and stepmom in the cd section of barnes and noble and listened to cds and stuff. they had **three** on the cd database thing and we could listen to it. they had interference's first album, too. eeee yay. i got reel big fish's new album! i couldn't find it anywhere and chris couldn't find it on hotline. i was sooo delighted. <3 it's such an amazing album. i also got "baby mozart." it's a whole bunch of mozart symphonies and such, only redone on lullaby sort of sounding instruments and stuff. i had trouble choosing between baby mozart, baby beethoven and baby bach. it's so funny. it says on it: "classical music to stimulate and delight your baby." ahhahaha. it definately stimulates and delights me. yaay. then we went to dunkin donuts and i got a coconut donut. mmm.

sorry if this is "too much information", but i think i'm having a hormone surge, and i want everyone and everything. uhhhg. i'll just blame it on my period. =)

<3 reel big fish <3

oh! i almost forgot about a big highlight of the night. well casey knows someone who goes out with a diane, and she always says "______ and diane," that sounds like a song. and that IS a song! well, close. there's a song called "jack and diane" by this sadass country guy... i always use to hear it on one of my mom's radio stations or something. i sang it to casey (because she didn't believe me) and for some reason, it CRACKS HER UP. well i downloaded it off limewire and it's by "john cougar mellancamp." go figure. (who the fuck is that?) well. it's an awesome song. haha yeah.

i'm so hungry and i have no food. except for this microwavable pepperoni pizza, but i didn't microwave it for long enough last time, so the pepperoni tasted like nasty ham. ewwww.

haha what a bunch of senseless blabber this entry has been.

braces are worth it?

okay all you loyal readers, remember when i was complaining about how the gap in my front teeth came back? well, it's closed up again, by some miracle. i'm delighted. my teeth look so much straighter when there's no gap (even a small one). my teeth look so straight... if only i didn't have pounds of unnatractive metal on them. and i still got a year and a half... plus retainer time... uhg. they're not hurting so much anymore thankfully. i think i'm gonna go to sleep. i have to sleep on the couch at my dad's because there's not a room for me here. my cat, oola, is asleep on the couch and i don't have the heart to tell her to move...but i'm gonna have to... ahh whatever.

nightnight darlings.

nicole is now officially a carny.

nicole got her teeth pulled so she has like, 1 tooth in front. haha. i'm exagurating. i don't really know what she looks like because i haven't seen her, but she says she looks like carny. and i trust her and therefore make fun of her. yay.

went to woodbury today. went to 8,000 stores, and actually found some stuff. i'm glad i'm still human--it was scaring me the way i was finding nothing i liked. i got a pair of jeans from pacific sunwear and a black mesh sort of top from that "lucky" jeans place. it's a nifty store, but the stuff is pretty expensive. it's fun going to an outlet mall though, because everything is atleast reasonably priced. we went into the vans store, but they didn't have the "west end" shoes me (and casey as well) wanted. there was a jean pleated skirt in xoxo that i really liked. i like pleated skirts (as long as they aren't disgustingly short) and this one was jean and nice and stuff. it was $30, and since it was the last store we were at i was rather dillusional and tired, so my mom decided not to get it. *but* she said she'll sew me a skirt and we can pick out the fabric. i hope that happens; it sounds like fun.

i'm at my dad's house now, he's basically all moved in. if he's got a computer hooked up, i'm happy. i'm probably going to do some writing in my journal or something. i need to keep practicing writing and reading because my mom thinks english is my strongest subject and i really enjoy it, so i'd like to stay smart in that general area since i like it and stuff. i let jayson here my poems and he said he reeeally liked them and he really likes my writing and stuff. it's nice to hear that from someone who sorta writes songs all the time, ya know?

i might actually write in my written journal tonight. i feel so guilty, i havent written in it in weeks. every entry is just like "i'm at a show, its fun, gotta go bye."

well, time to...whatever. do something more productive. byeee.ê


mark this the first time i have menstrual cramps

just to add on to the pain of my aching teeth...


i just want to scream "FUUUUUUUUCKKKK!!!"

my teeth hurt so much.

i want to scream and yell and cry.

i HATE braces hatehathethehahtehhahHHaaattEEEEE

okay, hair brainstorming idea.

my normal hair color... with some streaks (as big as my ones that were blue in february) that are maroon and black?

what do you think? i need opinions...

aksdjfiaserilajdkljasdklfjsdklasjklalka PAIN


uhg. i'm in such a bad mood. i could say it's because i'm having my period tommorow, but i barely ever get any symptoms... i'm usually never even sad when i get it. so i don't know. whatever.

i've been hopelessly looking for back-to-school stuff and sucking terribly at finding a single thing. i go in all my favorite stores and i don't like anything. i was at the nanuet mall yesterday with casey and found brown cordiroys (i have no idea how to spell that) in aeropostale, but they didn't have my size so we had to have a pair held in the palisades mall. today we went top pick it up and i got 2 plain long sleeve shirts there, too, for whatever. everything is always on sale. so now i have a plain pair of dark brown cordiroys, and 2 bland long sleeve shirts. i usually get outrageous, fun stuff for back to school. and i'm getting and finding nothing. i got a pair of purple converse. i was gonna get pink and purple, but they didn't have a pink in my size. then i was going to get purple and black, but suddenly my mom just backed out of it so i only got one pair. we looked in zumiez and hot topic and i still found nothing. flo was working in zumiez and i think she hates me. i really do. ofcourse my mom had to be obnoxious as hell and ask a whole bunch of questions and be embaressing. i don't even fucking care anymore.

i had the orthadontist before the mall and it was terrible. i got 4 new braces. one of them, on one of my very back teeth, hurts like a motherfucker. my orthadontist is a fucking crack head. he dropped the brace on my head before he was able to put in my mouth. he never sets anything on the table, he sets it on the chair so stuff is falling all over me. a few months ago he cut my lip with a tool. i don't trust him at all. his hand slip when he was tightening my brace and elbowed me in the breast. he gave me this painful thing to close up the gap in my front teeth, and it worked really well... he took it off a month later, and my gap is coming back again. i asked him about it and he said we'll worry about it later. i hate braces so much; almost as much as i hate my orthadontist.

i have no idea what i'm going to do to my hair. we're fucking poor. we've always had enough money for me to get lots of great stuff and new hair for back to school, but this company that went bankrupt owes my mom $7,000 and we're just not gonna get it. so we're $7,000 poorer. so i even if i actually could FIND clothes i wanted, we wouldn't be able to afford them. i wanted to get my hair all different shades of brown and some blacks, but my mom doesn't think anyone's going to want to do it, and she thinks i'll look like a calico cat because i want the chunks of color to be big (rather than small highlights). i don't even fucking know.

i'm not even excited for high school anymore because everything i was excited about... new clothes, new hair, new everything ... it's not even happening. everything sucks. and i'm in so much pain. i'm starving and i probably wont be able to eat anything because of my fucking braces, which make me look like a fucking stereotypical ugly teenager anyway.

what am i suppose to do about my hair? i have no ideas, no where to get it done, no money... and my hair is complete shit like this so don't suggest i keep it like this. i've never seen so many split ends in one head of hair. it's damaged and disgusting at the bottom from when it was blond. i need to cut it short but i don't even look good in short hair anyway. i don't care, i just *need* to get this shitty split ends off SOON.

i was really looking forward to getting 2 different colored pairs of converse. 'cause then i could mitch and match them, and have one foot pink and another purple or something. i was so excited, and then my mom just backed out. i find something i finally like and i don't get it. uhhhggg.

i probably sound like a whiney baby because she's not getting what she wants. but, as materialistic as it sounds, half the reason i love back to school is the new clothes and new looks and everything. and it's just all getting fucked up. and i know people have it worse than me. but that doesn't make me feel any better.

my tooth hurts so fucking much.

my brother has a disgusting bloody, unattractive neck. and if i bring it up, he tries to act mad and concerned but he just fucking smiles.


this little girl breaks hearts

i wrote 2 poems. they're quite dirty and personal though, so i wont post them. =P

i'm hungry, but i just brushed my teeth. should i eat? hmm...

i'm very alone. ...very...

hot charlotte

wow, some of the members of good charlotte are really fucking hot. it's too bad i don't like their music as much as i'd like to. haha.

but if you love me, where have you been?

reel big fish's new album is orgasmic...i heard some of the songs at warped tour and now i'm listening to some mp3s of it. mmmmm.

today casey and nicole and i were all suppose to go to the mall or something. nicole had to go visit the high school and middle school, and was suppose to be home around 5. 5 rolled around, as did 6... it got to be around 6:30 and me and casey were itching to the mall, and it was getting later. i called nicole's house and left a message... i called again and allie (her little sister) picked up, and said nicole wasn't home, but i told allie to tell her i called. casey and i left for the mall, and nicole never called or IMed me while we were out. i wonder what happened, i hope she's not in like, a car crash! eeee.

so casey and i went to the mall and it was okay. i ate at mcdonald's... it was interesting... it's quite classy in there, though. but its REALLY expensive, and there's no dollar menu! what the fuck.

i'm hungry... i'm craving cinnamon life and cocoa pebbles. i may have some soon.

a school much higher than the last

i'm sosososo excited for high school. when i think about it i get butterflies... i'm scared but more excited. i mean, i know i'm gonna have fun for awhile in the begining... new clothes, new people, new classes, new teachers, new notebooks, new pens, new pencils... it sounds great. but i know it'll get bad. it'll be hard work, homework, tests, work work work... grrrr. i should just enjoy the summer while it lasts, and enjoy the begining of school before things get too hard. i just hope i'm not miserabley lonely and lunch and i meet some new people or something. or just have fun.


cocoa pebbles make chocolate milk....mmmmmmm

missing the days

nicole stayed over for dinner and we had tacos (my mom seems to always make tacos when nicole is over). after dinner we all sat around and listened to my mom tell stories about my old cats we had when i was really little... mostly about how they got along with my dad. i kinda miss when we were a happy family. haha. but oh well... now i have 2 more parents to love! ... heh heh not really. but yeah.

nicole finally got her own computer and its an *emac*. i went over to her house today and played around on it. it scares me how much fun i have installing software and changing around preferences. i got her a new aim screen name so she can be online all the time... her dad put parental settings on her main screen name so she has to get off at 11 or something.

i made some ramen, and it's delicous and all, but it's quite messy. when i slurp it up i sling the broth all over.

there's a lot of voices outside. it sounds like adults. but would they be doing at this hour? i know its not chris or his friends, because chris is asleep, and half his friends are away. man its fucking weird. what are they doing at this hour? if open my blinds to look, i'll probably see just black, and they'll all see me. so not a good idea.


journey of psychic symbolism

nicole did the most amazing thing to me... this psychic symbolism thing that was so awesome...

it meant so much crazy stuff that was true


pain, tacos, and education

i just got back from doing numerous things.

first, my mom and i stopped at casey's. casey's sick as a mofo... she had to go to the hospital on a stretcher in an ambulence at 4am last night. she had a terrible fever and was like, bugging out. it was 102. she was in the emergency room until 1:15 this afternoon. she's still feeling like shit, but a little better. she has some virus of some sort. we brought her flowers, a thing i made that says "FEEL BETTER, KACI!" and a 2-liter bottle of ginger ale (because it's good for her to drink it, and she wanted some). i hope she feels better soon.

then we went to taco bell, and i got my usual...a number 6 or something...but it's 3 soft tacos. so delicious. but i'm so full. blah.

i got my schedual. holy shit, i'm going to be going to school with chris. i haven't done that since i was in 1st grade. and that was different because in elementary school, you don't walk around in the halls, so i'd never see chris. maybe i actually will this time. here's my schedual...

1st period
class: earth science
teacher: curto
days: 123456

2nd period
class: earth science
teacher: curto
days: 2 4 6

class: PE fall (first semester)
teacher: brega
days: 1 3 5

class: PE spring (second semester)
teacher: brega
days: 1 3 5

3rd period
class: french
teacher: alexopoul
days: 123456

4th period
class: studio art 1 (first semester)
teacher: straw
days: 123456

class: studio art 2 (second semester)
teacher: straw
days: 123456

5th period
class: english (honors)
teacher: antoniett
days: 123456

6th period
class: lunch.
teacher: ---
days: 123456

7th period
class: orchestra
teacher: music x (?)
days: 123456

8th period
class: math a/b r
teacher: rampa
days: 123456

9th period
class: global history
teacher: capio
days: 123456


high school is going to be different. let's hope it's different for the better.

the most painful thing in the world...

i just got fucking icy hot on my face. it burns and freezes and OW. and i cant do anything to stop it... just wait for it to wear out.


casey's song:

"i wish i were an oscar meyer weener,
that is what i'd truly like to be.
and if i were an oscer meyer weener,
everyone would be in love with moi."

hahaha french has taught her so much.

cold and hot... at the same time

i put some icyhot on my sore back/shoulders... wow, what an amazing sensation...

and now i smell like wintergreen!


i think "shy" by ani should be my new theme song... i just found so many ways i can relate to it... if you listen to it, you'll probably have no idea what i'm talking about. but i do =)

i tried to learn it on guitar. i can only play it if i do it on weird tuning...really weird. like eebdab or something crazy. i hate weird tunings. roar.

oh, and...

if i breathe in really deeply, it hurts... a lot. in my chest. damn dust and dirt and death and other things that start with a d that were at warped tour.

*warped tour 2002 @ randall's island, nyc*

what an adventure.

i don't feel like recapping it all, so i'll just start when we (me and katie) got there. it was like nothing i had seen--there were SO many people (and it only got worse as the day progressed). the line was obsurdly (obsurdly?) long. we ran into jessica and vicki almost immidetley, and talked with them for a bit. there were some annoying drunk guys in front of us making a lot of noise. one of them asked me to read this thing in a book, but i didn't. finally we got in. it was in a big field type place, but all the grass was dead and so it was pure dirt and dust. everyone was getting filthy as hell, and most people were wearing dust masks and shit. we walked around and cruised the stands. reel big fish, no use for a name, nofx, good charlotte, mxpx, etc. there were millions. i got a lovely reel big fish tank top. actually, let me go over everything i got: reel big fish tank top, reel big fish burlap patch thing, a free yoohoo pin, 2 reel big fish pins, a free spin magazine, and four warped tour pins. they had a vans stand that had some swingin' shoes i wanted, but they were only for display. but, they were selling the old school vans, but i have two pairs of those and don't need any more. i was eating the whole time--i ate a total of 4 and half pieces of dominoes pizza (over time, ofcourse), a bowl of fried rice, and about 100 bottles of water. our first band we saw was reel big fish at 2:15. they were AMAZING! it was my highlight of the day probably. there was atleast 4 people crowd surfing at once, and i got kicked in the face, but i still enjoyed it. i was so hot and miserable i thought nothing would make up for it, but reel big fish did the job. we saw no use for a name as well, who got a lot of auidence interaction which i liked. good charlotte was insane... they have so many fans. we almost got killed just by there being so many people. i was so tightly packed and swaying with the crowd once that i could barely breathe and i thought i was going to pass out, so katie and i escaped. then, we saw a short bit of simple plan... speaking of simple plan. ready to be disturbed? my mom LOVES them now. she saw them and she's fucking in love with pierre (the lead singer). she bought their cd and got pierre to sign it. how sad is that? very. we saw the mighty mighty bosstones who were good. the final band we saw was nofx, which was high anticipated (mostly by katie because she really likes them) and very good. i haven't heard them before (laugh all you want) but i enjoyed them. i was exhausted by then, and black with dirt. it was a tiring ride home. now, i'm sneezing up black snot and even the crust in my eyes is black. i don't think that's healthy... damn dust. my face is slightly rosy, which is okay, because i'm a pale mofo.

now i'm all showered and cleaned. woooooo.

how lame is this...

i had a dream it was the first day of school, and when i woke up, i wanted it to be the first day of school more than i wanted it to be warped tour. haha. i'm lame.

gotta get dressed...



jayson turned me onto something so delicious: cinnamon life and cocoa pebbles together. mmm! it's much better than you'd expect.

i'm very excited for tommorow <3


woooo... bore*dumb...

current hate: snobby, prissy bitches who get more than they deserve.

... O:)

oh, how you've grown.

it's funny because you think i actually give a shit.

the whole thing is that i don't give a shit. i don't give enough shit to even hear about it. so i don't want to hear of it; ever. but it's almost impossible to avoid that.

i just think it's disgusting, wrong, and just plain fucking stupid.
it's funny how much lying and betrayal is going on. wait, that's not funny.

maybe i'll join in and lie about stuff, too.

!!!!!! !!!!...!!!!!!!!!!

warped tour...TOMMOROW!

Aug. 8th, 2002

was it you, or was it me, that's making me feel so fucking empty?

do what you want me to do.

i'm gonna babysit with casey probably, just because i have nothing else to do tonight. (how lame am i? i babysit when i'm bored.)

better get ready.


(warped tour in 2 days!!)

look up in the sky

there's a cloud that looks SO MUCH like a hippo it's scary.... ohh man it's so cute! cute hippo cloud!!


i'm losing it... in a good way (i think?). i'm not sure. i need to do this...


okay that feels a little better.

i have to fucking work tommorow. i should go to sleep. but i dont want to. i really dont want to.

...as we die, both you and i...

merry christmas!

yay, now i'm watching an old tape of How The Grinch Stole Christmas!! YES!

Aug. 7th, 2002

i got really bored and i found an old rugrats tape with the mother's day specail on it... i cry every time i see it... and i've seen it 848923748923 times, too

ahhh it's so sad...


today is a nothing day.

i've done nothing all day but sit around, eat, and watch tv. i'm still in my pajamas, and i'm all lazy and hot and blah...i got to watch a good 100 episodes of rocket power, though. i'm really hungry even though i've been eating all day.

this company owed my mom $7,000 and they went bankrupt. so now my mom just doesn't get her money. and we're $7,000 poorer. and it sucks.

i'm hot. uhg



holy shit

man i'm out of shape. i barely survived 50 sit ups.

*update because jessica asked*

hmmm. the party was okay. casey and i got there early and helped put chips in bowls. gary (my ex who was running the party) had a RABID doberman-type dog. it was fucking insane. it was 6 months and weighed practicly as much as i did. it was vicious. it tackled me and casey and i can't say i enjoyed it. haha. gary also has a parrot who stares at you and gets all fluffed up like it's gonna attack. people came, and i mostly sat around ate (my favorite party activity). casey played some pool and got her ass kicked. we listened to the "cool" kids in our school talk about who gave head to who, how they're gonna go get high, and other things like that. not very pleasant. on a better note, we got to watch legally blonde which, no matter what anyone says, is a good movie. then we went home and here i am.

current hate: interference shows in new jersey.

i'm getting ready to go to party at my ex's. casey talked me into going. it's completely not my type of thing to do, but oh well. we're just going to bond with his dad. hopefully. i hope i have fun.
sorry, but i was pissed.

why are you so far away from me?

001.name: emily.
002.d.o.b.: january 31st, 1989.
003.location: nyack, ny.
004.religion: um...i'm half jewish!
005.occupation: "student"...ha ha heh heh.
001.hair: brownish blondish.
002.eyes: blue/green/gray.
003.weight: 110 around.
004.height: 5'2"
001.clothing: eh. whatever.
002.music: rock, ska.
003.make up: not too much.
004.bodyart: none.
001.wearing: white sleeveless polo shirt that was my mom's but she didn't want anymore, gray shorts, studded belt.
002.listening to: weezer.
003.thinking of: work tommorow.
001.bought: probably food somewhere.
002.ate & drank: hot pocket, koola id.
003.read: ym magazine.
004.watched on tv: spongebob.
001.club or houseparty: houseparty i guess. but i don't really like parties.
002.tea or coffee: coffee<3
003.achiever or slacker: both to an extent.
004.beer or cider: alcohol is bad.
005.drinks or shots: blah
006.cats or dogs: kitties!! =^.^=
007.single or taken: single?
008.pen or pencil: pen
009.gloves or mittens: mittens
010.food or candy: ooo, i love them both.
011.cassette or cd: cd's.
012.coke or pepsi: pepsi!
013.hard or mild alcohol: drinking = no
014.matches or a lighter: matches are fun
015.sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: huh?
016.ricki lake or oprah winfrey: =\
001.kill: no one.
002.hear from: you.
003.get really wasted with: no one. getting wasted is gay.
004.look like: no one.
005.be like: no one.
006.avoid: no one.
001.touched: my kitty.
002.talked to: my brother (i think).
003.hugged: hmmm.
004.instant messaged: gary.
005.kissed: casey probably. hahah
006.who broke your heart: eh.
001.eat: home or in nyack.
002.dance: wherever i pleae.
003.cry: my room.
004.wish you were: ...
001.Dated one of your best friends? nah
002.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? probably, but that's just because i'm dramatic.
003.Drank alcohol? not more than like, a sip.
004.Done drugs? never have, never will
005.Broken the law? eh...
006.Ran away from home? nah.
007.Broken a bone? yeah... arm.
008.Cheated on a test? haven't we all?
009.Skinny dipped? no, but i'd like to.
010.Played Truth Or Dare? ofcourse!
011.Flashed someone? nah.
012.Mooned Someone? no.
013.Kissed someone you didn't know? nooo.
014.Been on a talk show/game show? nope.
015.Been in a fight? just dumb ones.
016.Ridden in a fire truck? yeah! it was awesome.
017.Been on a plane? yep.
018.Come close to dying? no...
019.Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend? nope.
001.The most embarrassing CD in your collection? i have a really old britney spears cd. her first one. it's not that bad! ahahhaah.
002.Your bedroom like? green, aqua, pink. love.
003.Your favorite thing for breakfast? reeses puffs!!! <3
004.Your favorite thing for lunch? white castle or taco bell.
005.Your favorite thing for dinner? see above.
006.Your favorite Restaurant? hm.
001.A Vegetarian? i was.
002.A Good Student? sorta
003.Good at Sports? nah, i blow
004.wakeboarding/snowboarding...etc? hmm..no
005.A Good Singer? i'm okay
006.A good Actor/Actress? nah
007.A deep sleeper? usually
008.A Good Dancer? i hate dancing... except for waltzing!
009.Shy? nah.
010.Outgoing? sorta.
011.A good storyteller? hahha i'm okay.
012.Last words? i'm lonely.

so casey talked me into going to this stereotypical no-reason party at my ex boyfriend's house. it'll be jam-packed with preppy pot heads, and i'm just going to have to deal. i hope i have some fun.

i'm shakin at your touch.

Holy cow, I think I've got one here
Now just what am I supposed to do?
I've got a number of irrational fears
That I'd like to share with you
First, there's rules about old goats like me
Hangin' 'round with chicks like you -but I do like you-
And another one: you say "like" too much

But I'm shakin' at your touch
I like you way too much
My baby, I'm afraid I'm falling for you
and I'd do about anything to get the hell out alive
Or maybe I would rather settle down with you

Holy moly, baby, wouldn't you know it?
Just as I was bustin' loose
I gotta go turn in my rock star card and get fat and old with you
'cuz I'm a burning a candle you're a gentle moth
teaching me to lick a little bit kinder
And I do like you - you're the lucky one
No, I'm the lucky one

I'm shakin' at your touch
I like you way too much
My baby, I'm afraid I'm falling for you
and I'd do about anything to get the hell out alive
Or maybe I would rather settle down with you

Holy sweet goddamn, you left your cello in the basement
I admired the glowing the stars and tried to play a tune
I can't believe how bad I suck, it's true
What could you possibly see in little ol' 3-chord me?
But it's true - you like me, I like you too
I'm ready, let's do it baby

I'm shakin' at your touch
I like you way too much
My baby, I'm afraid I'm falling for you
and I'd do about anything to get the hell out alive
Or maybe I would rather settle down with you

that song reminds me of him soso much.



so i'm done scanning all my pictures.

there are pictures of delicious joey from three at http://www.picturetrail.com/3three3 ... i don't have that many pictures of him or three, but i figured i'd put them up anyway.

then i updated a whole bunch of new interference pictures at http://www.picturetrail.com/interference from august 3rd.

i also updated some more pictures of me and friends at http://www.picturetrail.com/emilysguitar. i moved all of me and casey's band pictures to http://www.picturetrail.com/returntonormalcy. woooo.

what a task it must've been!

i got my pictures developed. they're okay. i'm gonna attempt to scan them or something.

i wasted a whole roll trying to get a good picture of me and they all fucking suck. grrrr.

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